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Garden tools for the climate-conscious gardener

Garden tools for the climate-conscious gardener

Home gardeners are on the first line of defense in protecting themselves against climate change. They see the effects of poor gardening practices in their own backyard with poor soil, erosion due to harsher weather, and fewer pollinators due to not planting natively. But, it is not too late; As a climate-conscious gardener, you can improve your own little piece of heaven.

*People Power: Try to use tools that don't use gas or electricity when you can. Hand tools and your bare hands are better for the environment and your yard than gasoline-powered tools that add carbon dioxide to the environment.

* Rich Soil – Your most important ingredient for gardening is using the right soil for the plants you want to grow. Do not use synthetic ingredients on your floor. Plants take CO2 from the air and turn it into starches and sugar. This is combined with other types of carbon which is then made into a plant that is eaten by people and animals.

* Composting Kit – All you really want to do to practice climate-friendly gardening is compost. To achieve this, you simply need an aerator, air, water, sun and organic matter. You may need a hand cultivator or a fork, sieve, and something to collect kitchen scraps to help.

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* Electric Lawn Mower: A gasoline powered lawn mower puts too much carbon dioxide into the air and should not be used by the environmentally conscious gardener. Therefore, look for electric mowers because they are healthier for the environment.

* Push Mower – If you really want to make a positive impact on the environment, a push mower will work best. It's also good for the lawn because it cuts it differently than other types of mowers, with less damage.

* Organic Fertilizer – Try to avoid synthetic fertilizers and use only organic, non-fuel-based fertilizers. They should have the correct compounds for your needs based on the tests you run in your planting areas. You can use cow and chicken manure.

* Chickens – Chickens are great for gardening as their manure is a good source of nitrogen for your compost pile. They also work very well, being able to clear up to 50 square feet of soil per chicken in six weeks.

* Planting cover crops: Also, never leave your garden soil empty. Always replace crops with a ground cover of some kind to keep the soil healthy and control erosion, weeds, and disease. Cereals, grasses, and legumes are good cover crops.

* Trees and Shrubs – Control water runoff, plant damage, erosion, and even cool down a hot spot in your yard with the right trees and shrubs. Look for native plants to get the best results that best suit your needs.

Using these tools and your own two hands, you can create a fruitful garden that provides all the food you and your family need, while improving the environment instead of ruining it. In fact, if everyone used these same tools and practices in their gardening and yard care, we could help reduce the damage caused by climate change.
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